About me


exploring the oregon outdoors is in my blood...

Meriwether Lewis, of the famed Lewis & Clark Expedition, is my first cousin, 7x removed after all.

My passion for the Oregon outdoors started as a kid: camping, fishing and hiking with my dad.  Next, mountaineering, hunting and fly fishing.  Then, gameplanning and documenting epic outdoor manventures.  Now, its creating original art that celebrates the magnificence of the Pacific Northwest, its wildlife and scenic grandeur. Instilling this passion in my children and sharing it with the world is so important.

Today I live on the banks of a Columbia River tributary and hand make everything at home, with a specific Pacific Northwest place in mind as inspiration for every piece.

84 East has been a dream on my mind for years that has finally come to fruition through art that connects people with place.  I appreciate your attention more than you know and hope you find a piece that holds special meaning to you, based on your experiences in the Pacific Northwest.


Seth Patterson